Cog custom frame

It’s been a while since anything new has gone up re: custom building. I work in the fab-shop at least one day a week but recently with the new location at Warburton and flitting off to NZ for a week, production has suffered. Check out this though, it has been a work in progress for quite some time but I think you’ll agree it’s not the run-of-the-mill production. 36 inch unicycle all hand built, fillet brazed, hand rolled, etc Made from cro-mo tubing, even has a Columbus seat tube. The wheel (not built by me) has a 2 speed Schlumpf hub. The finish is high polish chrome (by Vinnies in Dandenong) check out our gallery for photos

custom 36 inch unicycle in Chapel st Fitzroy

Custom builds R us

14 geared fat belt drive

First Fat bike build for Cog and it’s a doosie, I Gates belt drived the Rohloff. The new owner John has been patient and happy to see it coming along. It will be at Show n Shine event in Nth Melb this weekend run by Go check it out….

new wheel builds, cool colours

Here at Cog, we build wheels. Lots of different types. Recent builds include, Rohloff hubs, Stealth (100% engagement ) hubs and Project 321 hubs. Rims lately seem to be mostly Stan’s Crest, just laced some nice cobolt blue anodised Crest’s. Light’n’strong is or wheelbuilding motto.

Latest build from workshop

This nice Salsa SELMA rolled out the Cafe doors today.  A local customer who not only appreciates high quality components but a sweet balance of colours pleasing to the eye.  Tubeless Velocity Blnt rims, Schwalbe tyres, Niner Carbon fork, King headset and hubs,etc……