The Warburton to Lilydale Rail Trail



What is the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail?
The Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail is a recreational facility used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders. It is 40km (one way) long and follows the alignment of the old Lilydale to Warburton broad gauge railway, which closed in 1965. Former station houses and platforms can be seen along it’s length.  Click HERE for a printable version of the Rail Trail map.

Where is the trail?
The Warby trail is literally right on our doorstep, at one end, and is accessible easily by public transport at Lilydale station. Cog is located right behind the Warby Police Station, in the middle of town. There is only one alternative cycling route to return from Warburton to Lilydale, the O’Shanessy Aqueduct trail. Public transport from Lilydale to Warburton is bus only, via the Warburton Highway.  This bus MAY allow up to 2 bicycles depending on the bus.

How long will it take to ride each way?
The trail is 40km each way. Cyclists can take anywhere from 2hrs to 5hrs to ride one way. Depending on how fit you are, or how often you stop and admire this beautiful part of Victoria, most weekend visitors will take a good 5hrs to ride one way.

If I ride one way, can I get picked up?
Unfortunately Cog does not offer a shuttle service. However there is privately run shuttle service called Pedal Pickups. Give Jenny a call on 0413 263 558 to have a chat.
If you choose to only ride one way, there is public transport that runs along the Warburton Hwy, which can get you back to your starting point. A maximum of 2 bikes can be carried on the bus at a time.

What is the surface of the trail like?
The majority of the trail is finely crushed rock, with a definite swept line each way (as a result of traffic use) . There are no sharp corners or technical sections of the trail. The trail is suited for absolute beginners, children, bike tag-a-longs, recumbents, uni-cycles and just about any human powered or assisted vehicle.

Is it hilly?
Because the trail follows an old rail line, the majority of the trail is flat, or has a very slight incline/decline. If you were to ride the whole trail from one end to the other, you will climb a total of 206 meters in the 40kms.  Riding from Lilydale to Warburton, you’ll climb 135m in the first 6.9kms, then go downhill for 16.1km to Worri Yallock, then climb 69m in 17.1km to Warburton. Click HERE for an elevation map.

Water points.
There are water taps on the trail at Mt Evelyn (outside Penny Olive), Seville (‘the waterhole’) and at  Yarra Junction (at the public toilets).

Can I hire a bike?
Yep! Cog Bike Cafe Warburton has a fleet of Rail Trail suitable bikes, as well as Pedal Assist (E-Bike) for any skill level and height of rider. We can even organise a shuttle, if you only feel like riding one way! Click HERE for more details.

Happy Riding!!!


Having your say

Hi there everyone.

There’s been a lot of talk about this proposed MTB hub to be set up in Warburton and a lot of questions asked and suggestions made.
We all know you can go here:  Warby MTB Hub
to have a say about the study, and how great it’s going to be, but what other ways can you actually make a difference to your local trails and Mountain Biking in general around the Yarra Valley??
Well, the best way to get your voice heard is to join the Yarra Ranges Mountain Bike advocacy group. This group is not a club, they are a cycling loving group that liaise between the public and local government agencies to give YOU a voice.

It costs just $20 a year to be a member and the membership fee pays for club members to attend trail building seminars, produce documents to present to local agencies, helps support trail maintenance and finance the costings associated with getting YOUR voice heard when it comes to YOUR local trails.

So if you want to have your input over the Warby MTB Hub and many other MTB issues in the Valley, I strongly urge you to become a member.
The more members we have, the stronger the voice.
To become a member, click the following link to download the membership form. YRMTB
Or, come on into Cog, fill in a membership form and pay here. You’ll also receive a free YRMTB sticker to slap on your car/bike/head!!

Happy riding!!


Warburton MTB Park Feasibility Study; calls for comment.

Hi everyone.  As you may, or may not know, there is a proposal for a world class quality Mountain Bike Hub to be built in the Warburton area. This proposal has been in the works for several years, and just last week the Yarra Ranges Council unanimously passed the motion that it be put out for public comment.

This proposal needs YOUR comment.

Here’s the crux of it:

There will be XC, AM, DH and linking trails built, to suit all levels or riders and abilities.

This proposal has the support of the Yarra Ranges City Council, Parks Victoria, the Department of Primary Industries, Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers, Warburton CEDA and Warburton Advancement League. The combined support of which has never been seen in Warburton!

Construction cost up to $4.2 million dollars.

Economic benefit for surrounding areas $23.63 million dollars per year.

Could attract up to 130,000 visitors a year.

Create 175 jobs.


and here’s the best bit


Up to 97km of new trails would be created in four separate zones linked by the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail and O’Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.


Please follow the link button below and send your comments to the email at the bottom of it.

Comment Link Here


The whole feasibility study (325 pages) is also on the link page.


The number of comments and variety of comment locations we get, will show the council that mountain bikers love to travel, but also that if a world class hub was built just 90mins from Melbourne CBD, that people would use it.

Public comment is only open for 8 weeks (closes Thurs 10th July), so I urge everyone to share, copy, paste, email, mail, fax, like, letter drop, and tell as many people as you can, or this extremely exciting project might not get the backing it requires.


Your comment does not need to be long, it just needs to show YOUR support. We all love to ride new trails!


Happy riding!!

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