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Hi there everyone.

There’s been a lot of talk about this proposed MTB hub to be set up in Warburton and a lot of questions asked and suggestions made.
We all know you can go here:  Warby MTB Hub
to have a say about the study, and how great it’s going to be, but what other ways can you actually make a difference to your local trails and Mountain Biking in general around the Yarra Valley??
Well, the best way to get your voice heard is to join the Yarra Ranges Mountain Bike advocacy group. This group is not a club, they are a cycling loving group that liaise between the public and local government agencies to give YOU a voice.

It costs just $20 a year to be a member and the membership fee pays for club members to attend trail building seminars, produce documents to present to local agencies, helps support trail maintenance and finance the costings associated with getting YOUR voice heard when it comes to YOUR local trails.

So if you want to have your input over the Warby MTB Hub and many other MTB issues in the Valley, I strongly urge you to become a member.
The more members we have, the stronger the voice.
To become a member, click the following link to download the membership form. YRMTB
Or, come on into Cog, fill in a membership form and pay here. You’ll also receive a free YRMTB sticker to slap on your car/bike/head!!

Happy riding!!


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  1. Hi guys (gender inspecific of course),

    Just a quick suggestion for you. There are a few low cost (i.e. $1 per transaction) websites that you can produce forms and accept payment in one go. From my point of view (being one of your primary target audience), membership would skyrocket if you used a one-step process instead of antiquated filling of forms and emailing them.

    You also don’t list the way to pay for membership on your PDF form. For people to make the jump and support you, you need to make it easy and entirely idiot proof.

    Once I see a simplified format, I’ll certainly join, and will encourage as many of CVOR’s 220+ members as possible to do the same.

    Paul Freeman
    Cycling Victoria Off Road (CVOR)

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