New beginnings

New beginnings

Hi there everyone.

Well, it certainly has been a looooong while since our last update.

Instead of looking back over the last year, let’s look toward the future and what’s been going on this last little bit.

I guess the biggest news to hit the Cog Bike Cafe stand is that Damo and Libby have decided to move on from Cog Bike.  Yep, after a solid 5 years in Mount Evelyn and 2 glorious years in Warby, they have decided to hang up their Business Owner shoes and pass the Helmet onto new owners.

Introducing Doug and Michelle Greenall. Doug has been in the bike industry for nearly 20yrs and is a passionate bike advocate and lover of anything bikes. Michelle is a numbers and spreadsheets kinda gal. Loves the country and a sense of community.

Having just moved out to East Warby, they are surrounding their lives with everything Cog.

Damo and Libby are taking some time off to do the things they have been putting off for years. Travel, relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life.  They’ll make special appearances every once in a while, so keep your eyes peeled.

Cog will continue to offer the same friendly, family orientated, community based  business that it has always been.

See ya’ll there!!

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