Rotorua, I was made for lovin’ you…… #3

Well by now you have seen a couple of photos from the SSWC. It was great to catch up with friends who ride bikes that I only see once a year. This year I took the opportunity to race the Whakka 100 the week prior. What a great introduction to the redwoods of Whakkarewarewa. Fantastic race in which I rode approx. 75km of top notch singletrack, had a conversation in French with a guy from New Caladonia, hatched a plan with Deejay(from Niner) to do an epic Aus ride, chatted with Essam from Steamboat Springs ColoRADo about his horrific 15 ft dropoff crash in Durango last year(and his subsequent face surgery with 27 screws in his cheek and jaw) AND rode Split Enz, Pondy DH and Pondy new by myself with only the sound of my white industry freewheel resonating in the forest via the chub hub.

The Whakka 100 is a very hard 100km race, heaps of fun, not super technical , just hard on the legs! Beautiful Blue lake and Green lake scenery, I very much recommend this race.

As for the Singlespeed Worlds;  the weather was fantastic, trails were in perfect nic and quite a few folk frocked up. Made a new friend in Julien Dean who looked suave in his orange tracksuit, (thanks for the beer mate). Of course that’s what the SS Worlds is all about, making bike-minded friends. I made quite a few in the Redwoods…….

Thanks to Copper Donkey for accommodating professional rider’s very specific requirements,(cheaper booze, bikes allowed in bar)

cheers NZ, (Disco) Damo

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  1. beautiful! love the new site…so good to see you guys for all too brief a time….

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