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Howdy all riders, trail users and/or Cog customers. I attended the AGM for the Friends of the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail a couple of weeks ago. Steven Kaye from Rail Trails Australia was guest speaker and informed us the link to Yarra Glen is all but approved. 13kms of extra rail trail to the lovely destination of Yarra Glen.  Very exciting news indeed. The huge potential in benefits for community health and well being will soon be realised. Then of course there is economic benefits in tourism and local business. Now we can work to the bigger plan of connecting Warburton to Healesville to Yarra Glen and make it truly an international destination!

Happy rolling,…….


  1. Road the Warby Trail again this weekend. The bridge over the HWY was a great surprise. Two more bridges to come for a safer and even better trail. Great work by all concerned. Got to love those rail trails.

  2. Good news, these three dangerous crossings meant I usually started further down the trail and missed out on Mt Evelyn totally. Fixing up the area from Maroondah to the Station at Lilydale will be great. I wish they’d open a trail to Yarra Glen too along the old rail line…it’d attract hundreds of tourists with tons of cash and help the towns out so much. I think a lot of people still think cyclists are poor. Most of them turn up in 40k SUVs and jump on 2 or 4 grand bikes it looks like!

  3. Some background work being done by myself and helping Bicycle Victoria in fighting Mt Lilydale College on their stance to not share the original train line alignment through Lilydale before the new bridge. Thankfully, BV have not stopped their fight to re claim this Crown land which is assigned as a rail trail.
    The work around in place is un acceptable and the school know it More to come soon on this.

  4. 2 year old Adelaide enjoyed her afternoon at the COG Cafe Warburton. She had a ride on the COG vintage kids trike bike, sipped baby chino’s and enjoyed the lovely sunshine….big thank you to our hosts for making the experience kiddy friendly.

  5. No problems, hope to see you back again soon.

  6. Had a great ride on the trail last Thursday, damp cold day, warmed up and had a lovely lunch and chatter at “Cogs”.
    Highly recommend.
    Two old whiskers blokes…..

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